Aira Residences can be found in 3 destinations in Vietnam, representing the ultimate tier in Aira Boutiques Hotels and enabling the foremost expression of the Aira lifestyle. Offering exceptional home sweet home in unique settings close to historical old quarter, the finest beaches, natural rocky mountain, Aira Residences are not just for owners, but can be enjoyed by discerning individuals, couples, families and friends looking to explore new destinations in unparalleled comfort and privacy


3 destinations
Experience in the heart of Hanoi – 3 minutes walk from the Lake of the Restored Sword, yet nestled in the vibrancy, excitement and captivation of Hanoi’s most historic location – the Old Quarter.


2 destinations
Located on An Bang beach side, hiding underneath the shade of the cool casuarina tree, listening to the song of wind and waves, one will find the ultimate relaxation in our luxury Hotel or Private villa in Lea’s Garden.


1 destination
Ultimate tranquility, breath-taking view of the Fanxipan mountain & Muong Hoa valley yet 5 minutes walk from Sapa center. Enjoy moments of sunset or sunrise with a clear blue sky above or a cloudy bed right beneath your foot.